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[wonderplugin_slider id=”6″]Zantman Modegroep is a women’s fashion wholesaling group producing and distributing several women’s brands to middle-ranged fashion retailers in Europe. The group was established in 1973 by Frans Zantman.


Zantman Modegroep develops and produces several ladies’ fashion collections each with their own DNA. This distinctive character is the main issue when developing! Price- and quality ratio fit perfectly with the selected market segment.  All brands are affordable. In this way Zantman Modegroep covers with all of her brands the most of the ladies’ fashion market, regarding to TO. Zantman Modegroep is convinced that brand-DNA needs to remain recognizable to her brand consistency in style and details – which is a condition for success!


Zantman Modegroep wants to be a profitable group of fashionbrands aiming with each brand to bring added marketvalue in which a distinctive quality and performance level will be issued. So each brand operates within specific market segmenst in Holland as well as on the homemarket across Europe.


Aim of growth by strengthening relationships with existing customers and selective growth of the number of distributionpoints. All brands are quite young and new hence expectation is quite a faster growth with these than on long-existing brands.